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Creating Immersive Theatre: Workshop Resources

Updated: May 19, 2022

Immersive theatre and scenography are two fields that are growing rapidly. Now, students in lighting, sound, scenography and production support courses can spend their whole career exploring just one genre of theatre. I wrote a book which explores how technical theatre - both artistic design and technical functionality - can be used within the field of immersive theatre. Specifically, it explores the notions of interactivity and engagement from a purely production point of view: we know that production design and theatrical technologies can add significant value to a piece of immersive theatre, but can they replace actors? Can we immerse audiences into a world not of their own, only or primarily using technology? The book, and the conclusion that we still need actors for deep immersion, developed into me leading workshops to teachers and IB/university students.

It is a genre that has exploded into the mainstream over the last 10 years - with even Broadway getting involved. From bridging your participants into your world, to making full use of scenography to take on storytelling jobs 'traditionally' done by actors, my workshop explained some key concepts before asking participants to create their own immersive world. Below, are the takeaway documents that reinforce the idea of the spectrums of immersive theatre, and the 3 worlds required to make your piece memorable for the right reasons.

If you'd like to discuss bringing me in to your school for Immersive Theatre or Scenography workshops, please get in touch.

If this free resource has saved you some time and you want to show a gesture of thanks, I'd be so grateful for any small amount you wish to give!

Downloadable Workshop Resources

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