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Solo Theatre Piece 2022: Fly High, Solo.

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

The Higher Level task in the new DP Theatre course is here! If you are completing your Diploma in November 2022 or May 2023, you probably need the legacy STP resources. If you will graduate in May or November 2024, or are in a Theatre Pilot school, you are in the right place to learn all about the new, slimmed down version of the STP (Solo Theatre Piece).

The new IB DP Theatre course Solo Theatre Piece Assessment task - free downloadable resource
The new STP student info booklet has a breakdown of every criterion, guidance on structuring each section, and advice on how to ensure you don't miss anything important in the practical process.

I have been examining the STP since it first appeared in 2014, and I've been enjoying teaching the new STP and connected syllabus area in the pilot of the new course since 2018. I think it's a very enjoyable task whose power lies in its simplicity. If all DP assessment tasks were designed like this one, with clear expectations and an authentic assessment of your genuine learning, students wouldn't be half as stressed. Click on the download link below to get your free STP Student Information Booklet. With detailed guidance on how to approach the task, how to structure the report, and what each criterion strand is really looking for. This booklet is a companion to the Theatre Subject Guide - you'll need that from your teacher for the official task instructions and criteria.

Solo Theatre Piece Student Info Booklet 2022
Download PDF • 12.27MB

If these free resource have saved you some time and you want to show a gesture of thanks, I'd be so grateful for any small amount you wish to give!

Gone are those horrendous multi-clause criterion strands, leaving behind the same essence of the task that made it such an enjoyable part of the course in the first place. While research skills still form an important part of the task, the number and quality of sources no longer commands its own assessment strand. Evidencing the practical process is much more aligned with the real world now, with students given more latitude to decide on how they develop their piece, no longer limited to valuing only the practical exploration and process feedback. Like with the new Collaborative Project, the solo performance itself has more prominence - making up one-third of the overall marks instead of the single quarter it used to.

Free STP resources for the new IB DP Theatre course
The new Solo Theatre Piece (STP) task still wants you to take a slice of theory to dive deep into.

The student info booklet for the new DP Theatre course is finally here, and you can download for free. Comments or questions are welcome, and teachers or students who want workshops or mentoring on this task or any other part of the DP Theatre course can contact me.

If these free resource have saved you some time and you want to show a gesture of thanks, I'd be so grateful for any small amount you wish to give!

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