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Educator Experience

Please contact me to discuss specific opportunities to work with you or your organisation. Detailed CV can be sent where appropriate.

UK QUalified
EU Citizenship

I am a Switzerland-based Education Consultant, working globally online and face to face.

Previously Head, Assistant Head, IBDP Coordinator, TOK, Drama, Production Arts, and Theatre teacher at IBDP, A Level, (I)GCSE and BTEC since 2004.

I have worked in a range of schools rated outstanding, both in UK and overseas. I hold dual citizenship with an EU passport.

I hold a PGDE, an MA in Theatre, and QTS.


ISTA (International Schools Theatre Association) is a brilliant collective of passionate theatre experts, teachers and students. They run energising festivals each year for young people to learn and meet new friends from around the world. They are also the exclusive provider of IB DP Theatre Category 1, 2 & 3 workshops.


I am proud to work with ISTA as a Creative Director, Artist and Workshop Leader, and proud to bring my own students across the globe to experience their festivals.


I have led in DP & CP schools. I have been a DP Coordinator and remain an enthusiastic advocate of International Baccalaureate education. Working for IBO, I am a Workshop Leader for IB leadership, pedagogy and curriculum.

I am an IB school evaluation visitor and programme leader.


I am a senior examiner for Diploma Programme (DP) Theatre and am a member of the examination standardisation team, as well as an experienced educator in IB MYP and DP Theatre. I'd be happy to discuss with you how I can collaborate in your school to promote IB-aligned teaching and learning.


Industrial Education has a stranglehold over most of the world's education systems, stifling generations of children in their creativity and capacity to engage with learning.

I am an experienced IB-aligned pedagogical leader who can collaborate with and coach teachers across whole schools and any subject.

I am currently researching what components are needed in future education systems, collaborating with other educators to drive the desire for change. I would love to know what has worked for you, and to discuss the spectrum of possibilities available as we enter the fourth revolution of education.


Some past essays on education I have written are collected here.

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