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I am a practitioner, teacher and student of theatre, a designer, a director, a performer, a photographer, an author, and a follower of the world’s greatest football team. That's Manchester United for those of you who have thus far been misled.


I was born in the UK, have lived in Singapore and Japan, and am currently settled in China. I travel across the world to take photographs, deliver workshops to both students and teachers, watch and create theatre, and relax with my family.


My book on the role of technology within immersive theatre is entitled "Examining the Use of Theatrical Technologies in an Immersive Micro-Scene" and is available from a good book shop near you, or from that ever-present book shop online.


My second book on theatre focuses on how directors, actors and theatre collaborators without technical or design training can harness design and scenography in their creations. It isn't a technical handbook that serves only one narrow type of design implementation, but will offer practical exploration tasks, discussion on the current state of theatre creation, and ask questions that will help you formulate an artistic vision. This book will be published soon.


You can follow me on TwitterFacebook500pxFlickr or EyeEm. I have collections at iStock by Getty Images and Adobe Stock, and licence through EyeEm but the premium collection is right here. You can email me too.