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Space: The Final Frontier

Updated: May 19, 2022

workshop participants play with light, space, set and shadow in Kieran Burgess' scenography masterclass
Beautiful imagery created by teachers at the Scenography Masterclass

My Masterclass at the Kuala Lumpur IB DP Theatre Category 3 workshop and student ISTA TaPS focused on scenography, and in particular how we can accent the three-dimensional space.

For further reading, some underpinning theory, and some ideas on practical explorations of your own, view the IB/ISTA Resource pack that accompanied the workshop here.

If this free resource has saved you some time and you want to show a gesture of thanks, I'd be so grateful for any small amount you wish to give!

We treated scenography as a collaborator, not a servant, and used movement as a starting point for identifying shapes, lines, intersections, and points of concentration in our space. This mapping of movement through space then became a new starting point, from which teachers and students used objects and light to draw attention to qualities of design they had found through their initial movement string. Some really cool visuals were created - and although the teachers and students never took the workshop at the same time, all made their own revelations about how angle, shadow, and negative space are as powerful as their opposites.

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