Workshops offered

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I am an expert in IB Theatre - both the current course and the new course currently in pilot, due for first teaching in 2021. I am a senior examiner, a standardising team member, a member of the curriculum review team, and a teacher and examiner of the pilot course. I'd be happy to deliver training to teachers or students on any aspect of either of these courses. Please note that pilot course training is only available to authorised pilot schools until the guide is made public, at which time I'd be happy to deliver to all IB schools.

I am an expert in immersive theatre, scenography and theatre design, having previously worked in professional theatre in the UK, Singapore, and Japan as lighting and sound designer, stage management, and working with architects as venue designer and operations management. I am the author of a book on the place of scenography within immersive theatre. I'd be happy to talk to you about your technical and production requirements and training of staff, teachers and students.

I am an experienced pedagogical leader, currently as IB DP Coordinator in a leading international school, and having been involved with the curriculum review team for IB Theatre. I am a Workshop Leader for ISTA and IB teacher training. I'd be happy to talk to you about training or collaborating with teachers in curriculum planning and development in any subject, creating cultures of thinking, future-ready schooling, promoting active and somatic learning, and making the attributes that are celebrated in the Diploma Programme the heart of teaching and learning across your entire school.

Theatre Workshops

Below are simply examples of workshops I have provided previously. Many more are 'ready to go' and bespoke workshops and residencies are also available - please get in touch. I am also available through ISTA's AiR programme - see for more details.

Immersive theatre set Kieran Burgess 2.j

Free Will Fakery: Creating Immersive Theatre

The illusion of free will is at the heart of engaging immersive theatre. How do you create this illusion? How can scenography fit in? What techniques must actors master in order to effectively place participants into a world not of their own? Can immersive theatre borrow from site-specific and interactive theatres? This workshop will introduce key concepts of immersive theatre creation, allow practical inquiry into focused areas, and look at performance technique and design. Although designed for teachers, this workshop can be adapted for older students.  

Kieran Burgess Workshop - Scenography

Space - The Final Frontier: scenography as a devising collaborator

Can scenography tell stories? Do we make the most use out of our performance space? Do we really need actors? OK, so the last one is controversial for a theatre programme, but join us as we delve into the realms of space design. Light, set, sound and even choosing an exciting space in which to tell our stories are often left to chance and last minute fixes as we focus our precious time on actors. Here, we will focus on accenting our space and highlighting movement and moments in order to let scenography do the heavy lifting. 

Kieran Burgess Workshop - Lighting design

Chiaroscuro: Lighting Design for Non-Designers

Are you a little wary of the tech side of theatre? Do you keep your lighting simple or non-existent because you’re not sure what to do with it? Or are you brimming with desire to light up your life (or shows), but lacking access to equipment? In this workshop we will look at how to work with the fundamental properties of light to add meaning and symbolism to your productions. We will look at using simple torches and readily available light to create effective imagery on stage, and equip you with the starting points to use more sophisticated lighting equipment in your own work.  

Solo Theatre workshops by Kieran Burgess

Fly High, Solo: Making Solo Theatre

Using the insight of a senior examiner from IB Theatre, we will explore how to make a piece of theatre inspired by a master theorist. Looking through the lens of Antonin Artaud, we will unpack how literary research can inform a truly original and impactful piece of theatre, and how to ensure that practical exploration remains at the forefront in a relevant and intention-driven way. This workshop can fit nicely into the Solo Theatre Piece task for IB Theatre, or can be the foundation of a longer project at age 14 upwards in any curriculum. Can be easily adapted to teachers in any curriculum environment.