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Workshops offered

For resources used in practical workshops you've already had with Kieran, go to the Resources page.

For examples of the Workshops I can deliver, please read on.

I am an expert in IB Theatre - both the current course and the new course currently in pilot, due for first teaching in 2021. I am a senior examiner, a standardising team member, a member of the curriculum review team, and a teacher and examiner of the pilot course. I'd be happy to deliver training to teachers or students on any aspect of either of these courses. Please note that pilot course training is only available to authorised pilot schools until the guide is made public, at which time I'd be happy to deliver to all IB schools.

I am an expert in immersive theatre, scenography and theatre design, having previously worked in professional theatre in the UK, Singapore, and Japan as lighting and sound designer, stage management, and working with architects as venue designer and operations management. I am the author of a book on the place of scenography within immersive theatre. I'd be happy to talk to you about your technical and production requirements and training of staff, teachers and students.

I am an experienced pedagogical leader, currently as IB Coordinator in a leading international school, and with a position on the curriculum review team for IB Theatre. I'd be happy to talk to you about training or collaborating with teachers in curriculum planning and development in any subject, creating cultures of thinking, future-ready schooling, promoting active and somatic learning, and making the attributes that are celebrated in the Diploma Programme the heart of teaching and learning across your entire school.

Theatre Workshops

Below are examples. Bespoke workshops and residencies are also available - please get in touch.